Cash Out With Free Online Casino Money

Online gambling is becoming extremely popular and spreading like a wildfire. As its popularity increases so does the income for Online Casino operators. It ‘s a serious multimillion-dollar industry and competition among the participants is increasing exponentially. To attract and retain new players Online Casinos are coming up with more and more innovative ways to promote their businesses and a major part of these innovations are Bonuses and Promotions.

So Much The Better for Us! Let see how we can use it to our benefit. In this section I’ll go over some of the most common bonuses provided but I will not be able to cover them all, so if you’re interested in increasing your knowledge.

No Deposit Bonus. Usually a time restricted promotion that allows you to get free money right after downloading casino software. This type of promotion in most cases requires you to become a real cash player, download and install software and then come back to the page with promotion info and enter your Cash Player account to get credited with no deposit. But to cash out this bonus you will be required in most cases to make a minimum deposit specified in promotion terms and make a certain number of cash bets before you can claim your winnings. Bonus Terms are usually provided and clearly visible, so make sure to read them.

Play Free – Win Real Money. A less common type of bonus and a great way to learn and enjoy the game. And guess what, you can actually win and cash out using money the Casino provides for you! This bonus has a time limit, i.e. you are given an hour or so to play with Casino money but you are required to make a certain number of bets during this period and to win a specified minimum over the amount provided to you. If terms are met money is transferred to a real cash player account. So read the terms before proceeding.

No Limit First Deposit Bonus. Yes, you read it right! There are some turnkey casino business that will offer you a no limit bonus. Percent amount varies from casino-to-casino but if you are serious about winning with Casinos Own Money – this one’s for you! This type of bonus is not very common but if there is a will – there is a way.

First Deposit Bonus. Not all bonuses are created equally. And while most online casinos offer this type of bonus percent amount they are willing to provide is quite different. Finding the one with the biggest amount could be a daunting task but jump to our bonus reviews and find Casinos that are offering between 200% and 400%. A great way to make your money go a long way! This bonus is valid only for your first initial deposit and directly related to its amount. So choosing your casino carefully is important here.


Second Deposit Bonus. Another one of the more common offers to keep you playing the game. But hey! If you already like the casino you are playing in – why not cash in on some additional FREE money! This bonus also applies only to your second cash or credit deposit and varies greatly, where offered. Available only to real cash players.

Alternate Deposit Bonus. Remember that part in beginning where I advised you to open an account with Neteller or another online payment processor? Well, this is where it comes into play! This bonus becomes available to you when you deposit real cash to your account and I’ve seen it amount to anywhere between 10 to 25%. Quite often it’s combined with your First and Second Deposit Bonuses and allows you to get even more FREE money. If it’s offered – why not use it? Many casinos also allow you to use this bonus for all your deposits. As always read the terms.

Freeroll Poker Tournaments. If you are a Poker Player – don’t pass this offer. What is a Freeroll tournament? Simply put it’s a tournament that doesn’t require any money to join with some Real Cash to be won. It ranges from $100 daily Freeroll at some casinos to a $100 Million Mega Roll. All of them require you to be an active cash player at the Online Poker Room prior to be qualified. But if it’s your game – why not get more free money from it.

There are many more type of bonuses and promotions that Online Casinos are offering and I have only described some of the most common to the majority of casinos but if you want to find many more exciting offers, as Bob Barker says, … Come on Down !

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